• The world, seen through the eyes of a stressed system cannot make sense.

  • It is not possible to respond to the world, instead we are forced to react.

  • A stressed system cannot know clarity, it cannot think clearly, act rationally or heal itself or the environment.


Eric has been teaching and sharing this information for over 25 years and has developed a unique style of presenting what could otherwise be a very complicated subject. Using simplicity, laughter and compassion, difficult subjects are made clear and easy to understand, his audience is always amazed at how simple (and powerful) the ‘Clearing’ is.

It does not matter where we live or when we lived, there have always been situations that have the potential to create stress in our lives.

In this ‘modern’ fast paced world the possible causes of stress are too numerous to list. Almost any situation can create stress, it really all depends on how we handle, or fail to handle the situation. When, because of our conditioning, a stressful situation shows up, how we deal with it determines the effect it is going to have upon us. Much of how we deal with situations is on a sub-conscious level. We respond or react without a great deal of conscious awareness.

While we remain unaware of our bodies subconscious conditioning, we remain victims to that conditioning. If we are not aware, then our body simply does what it has been conditioned to do.That is to react to external stimuli. We often fail to notice the affect this is having upon our body until the stress levels reach a certain, critical, point when our body let’s us know, in no uncertain terms, that it is not comfortable.

Having noticed discomfort we either try to continue ignoring the problem or we try to fix the problem. The issue here is that we are trying to fix something from within a stressed state.

We get lost in damage control, always chasing our tails trying to fix whatever we perceive to be broken, to be the problem yet never truly succeeding. We may gain temporary relief but the root cause remains.

When the body identifies with a stressful situation certain chemicals are produced, it is the production, and subsequent identification with these chemicals that encourages the body to produce even more chemicals. We may be too busy to notice this shift in the chemical composition in the body, we may simply not have the training to observe this change until it reaches a point where the imbalance becomes obvious.

Changing our thoughts is an obvious answer to reducing the mount of stressful chemicals in the body, yet, if we are not even aware of the thought process that has allowed stress to accumulate in the body then we are hardly in a position to ‘change our minds.’

By becoming increasingly more aware of what the body is feeling in the here and now we can begin the journey of stress reduction at its most basic level, that being the reason the body becomes stressed in the first place.

Our body will heal itself given the opportunity. If we are able to reduce the identification on a fundamental level, of how the body handles potentially stressful situations there would be no need to ‘fix’ anything because the chemicals associated with stress would not have accumulated in the body.

The subconscious conditioning that impacts upon us all may well begin in childhood, it maybe genetic, no matter, it is very difficult to grow up in this world today without getting some conditioning, be it inherited or acquired. The messages learnt in our formative years are the building blocks upon which we navigate our way through the world. We cannot turn the clock back, but we can begin to consciously change the way we relate to the various stimuli we encounter on a daily basis.

When we are triggered by a subconscious memory that we, at the time, judged as stressful, the body may well produce an excessive amount of adrenalin, prompting a fight or flight response,increased heart rate, shallow breathing, tension in the stomach. Our conditioned mind lets us know that we are at risk and something needs to be done – fight or flight.

Yet what we once imagined as being a dangerous situation may not be at all relevant from a more mature point of view. We are simply following learnt behaviour and reacting to a memory, not an actual threat. It is this reactive conditioning that allows stress to build in our system. It is the continued identification with the feelings that perpetuate the uncomfortable feeling.

While we fail to recognise this and still think that the problems we encounter are all external to our self we will continue to try to ‘fix’ the problem, either by running away, denial, or do-ing something.

The real cause of stress is the bodies conditioned reaction to external stimuli.

There are many methods, some more successful than others, to reduce the amount of stress in the body. Likewise there are many ways to prevent stress from developing in the system.

To try and re-educate the body can be a daunting task. If you are surrounded by those who are still trying to fix the problems, then you will continually get caught up in the collectives way of trying to deal with the  situation. Trying to be an island of calm in a sea of confusion is not the easiest path to take.

Yet there are practices, once learnt, that you can do at home, at work, waiting for transport, waiting in a queue. One such practice is called ‘Clearing.’ ‘Clearing’ is the developed ability to notice change in the body, to understand why the body is changing and where that change my have originated. This understanding supports the body in noticing and not energising the changes it experiences. The more we are able to practice this, the less we judge situations or those around us. The less we judge ourself or others the less polarised our consciousness. The less polarised we are the less we experience situations that may have previously caused us to go into a stressful response.

The less we experience stressful situations the more the body relaxes, the more the body relaxes the more it heals.

As the body returns into a more peaceful balanced state, so the world around us returns to a more peaceful and balanced state. We cease to encounter stress inducing situations, this includes those people we meet, whether family, colleagues, friends or strangers in the supermarket.

With continued practice problems that existed before simply cease to exist. There is then no need to find a way to ‘deal’ with stress because stress is no longer a part of your life.


Eric Dowsett

Australian-based author and teacher, Eric Dowsett, has been sharing “Clearing,” changing the way we view ourselves and our relationship to the environment for over 25 years.

This journey began many years before he was introduced to working with the energies of the environment. From an early age he had an intuitive understanding of the teachings of the Buddha which had a strong influence on his life. Seeking the Self took many directions and adventures. The easy part, seeking outside of the self led him to travel the world and spend many years amongst people of different cultures, broadening his understanding of the nature of humanity.

Eventually though the journey had to turn inward, the hard part, facing his own shortcomings and fears. This was made easier after he discovered Space Clearing and developed the Personal Clearing aspects of the work after it became obvious that the two, our environment and our own inner health, could not be separated.

This led to the final frontier, the study of human consciousness which gave him insights into why we continue to do what we do and how to step outside of the conditioned past into a very different future.

Eric has taught extensively all around the world and continues to share his message with those who are ready to hear it.

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Eric’s weekend workshop is designed to give you a tool set that you can use in daily life to recognise and overcome stressful circumstances and develop skills that will neutralize energy and move through stress in a positive and empowered way.

Eric’s ‘mission’ has been to continually simply this work. Distilled to its essence it is obvious there is nothing to ‘do’.

Yet we are all conditioned to ‘do’ something in order to achieve something.

Do a lot – achieve a little
Do a little – achieve a lot
Do nothing – achieve everything

This is hard to come to terms with when the conditioned mind goes along with whatever it has learnt and believed in the past.

“Clearing”, as you will see, bypasses the currently accepted ways of being and puts you into a more peaceful, compassionate and powerful place.

By understanding, through listening, understanding and applying the teachings of  “Clearing” you will liberate yourself from the collective state of victim consciousness.

We are all stressed, to some degree or other, “Clearing” will facilitate a move from stress into balance, you will feel the truth of this for yourself in the many exercises offered during the weekend.

Remember – “Don’t believe a word I tell you – apply it, if it feels right, practice it, if you experience benefits develop your practice. Make it your truth, not mine.”
















After the 4th clearing session I noticed big changes

Before I experienced any clearing I had many problems in my digestive system, my body was very restless and I felt burned out. My stomach had been painful for many years. I had a great fear of rejection.

After the 4th clearing session I faced a situation that would have triggered my fear of rejection in the past. I was very surprised to notice that I was not upset by this, I even felt joyful and relaxed, and now no longer fear rejection.

My body is also becoming more relaxed and comfortable, there is less pain in my stomach, it is not bloated anymore and I have a lot more energy and am less affected by noise and people in my environment.

Skype Clearing

Clearing with skype is quite similar to a one-to-one session

I’ve attended quite a few clearing workshops in the last year. I always felt balanced and very much at peace afterwards. Now I’m experiencing clearing with Eric on skype on a regular basis. This is in a period of time where life is a big challenge. Lots of things are happening on the outside which is affecting my inside – with a lot of nasty old patterns showing up. In these days, clearing with Eric is a big help to take me back to my center again and again. Now, after some weeks of regular clearing, I begin to feel a quite stable inner place, a place that I can get back whenever it’s stormy outside. The more often we are clearing, the better I can feel this inner place of centeredness and equanimity. It’s a lasting effect. My ability to deal with the challenging situations on the outside is growing.
Clearing with skype is quite similar to a one-to-one session. But it’s much easier because I can do it from my living room.

Skype Clearing


I first met Eric back in 2000 when I decided that I wanted to learn to Dowse – I found him online and within 10 days I was on his 5 day residential course close to Vancouver.

How little did I realize that a snap decision like that would change my life so much and indeed possibly even save my life.

Fast forward to 2012 where over a 5 month period I began to experience some significant health issues. Conventional medicine could uncover no other cause than Chronic Fatigue and conventional medicine could offer no hope of a ‘quick fix’ cure (or indeed a long fix cure). In fact conventional medicine as those of you who have suffered from CFS/ME will know can offer virtually nothing at all apart from rest.

I went from being a very active and fit person to one who was so exhausted that just getting my daughter to school was as much as I could manage. Anything over and above this was almost impossible.

So, I mailed Eric to ask if he could help – he responded immediately.

Over a 3 week period Eric and I met on Skype where he was able to do personal clearing for me. The improvement was dramatic even from the very first clearing as within 2 hours I had the energy to sit and be with my family for the first time in weeks. As the days wore on and I had more sessions my energy levels increased and the length of time I had the energy for also increased. The energy ‘outages’ I had been experiencing got less and less and shorter in length.

I am now pretty much back to normal thanks to Eric and his remarkable skill of ‘being’ and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for this.

Vancouver, Canada

R Netherlands

Being in the retreat in France was an amazing experience. It opened many doors into my personal being. I’ve learned a lot, about clearing, myself, people around me and life in general.

Clearing is like a basic practical skill to learn. Once you know what it is about, you wonder how you could have got along without it, in your ‘previous/normal’ life. Once your heart is opened, there is no way back. It’s wonderful to be able to help yourself, your family and friends with clearing. It’s now part of my whole being and can’t think of living without this practical knowledge. Thanks a lot!

R – The Netherlands

A Netherlands

This retreat was great! The group became very close & open during the week. I got to another state: more relaxed, open and without judgment and closer to the inner me.

This week has changed me; I’ve become more confident and relaxed. Upon return my partner, friends and colleagues noticed I was more at ease and much less stressed than before! I definitely can recommend this week!

A – The Netherlands

USA testimonial

Last year the doctor found a large lump on my right breast, after going through all the proper testing, mammogram, biopsy, etc. it turned out to not be cancerous, yet, it was large enough that I was supposed to follow up in 6 months to check the status.

In February 2004, I took a 3-day Energy Clearing workshop. We were covering a section on cell phones and how they affected us. My system was pretty weak due to the trauma of the recent suicide of my neighbour and so I was unable to be used as an example. Eric sat me down and stood behind me and asked me to hold still. He put his pointer finger and thumb on my neck and sent me energy.

As soon as his fingers touched my neck I felt zapping on that lump on my breast! I had forgotten about it, but it was so clear that the energy was going there as I felt an internal zapping surrounding the lump. It caught me off guard so I didn’t say anything until the next day and went up to Eric to tell him what I experienced. In his boyish, charming way Eric just listened and smiled.

A few months ago I went to the doctor for a check-up and he read in my chart about the breast and asked if I had done the follow-up mammogram and biopsy. I said, no, but let me find it and we can check it now at least and schedule something for the near future. So I proceeded to search and search to no avail – it was gone!!!! I was so amazed that I told the Doctor about the workshop and what I experienced! It was an amazing experience and a great reminder on the power of loving energy.


Perth Testimonial

I had spoken to Eric initially about environmental dowsing in removing an energy from a house that we were looking at purchasing. The sale did not proceed, but kept in contact and mentioned coming to Perth for some workshops. Since this time, Eric has worked with me over Skype collapsing energy and clearing in an intangible manner. It is uncanny the events proceeding a clearing and the way the universe opens up to all possibilities. I am very excited to attend the coming Perth workshop and to learn the techniques, so that I may consciously be aware and understand the basic principals of clearing and mindfulness. Eric is very approachable and has a true gift to share. Thank you.

Peter – Perth WA


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